Well then, well then, well then, well then… This certainly is something different on my part. But I know doing this is something I have wanted to do for a long, long while. Just always constantly put it off. Always had that huge lack of motivation stopping me from doing what I wanted to do. Always found myself going, ‘I’ll come round to it’ or ‘I’m going to start next week’. Well it was time for a kick up the bum!

Why not start it now? It’s the perfect time really. I’m even actually now doing something with my life that I never thought I would ever be doing. Never thought it a possibility. Since I started at university I haven’t regretted it for not one minute. It is the best thing I have ever done.

Now this is where all this comes in. Basically all I want to do here is to just have some laughs with you all. To share my thoughts and opinions on what the hecks going on in the world of sport. Two areas I’m really am keen on. I mean an absolutely huge sport watcher it has to be said. It really is frightening to be honest. Anyone who knows me can testify to that. It’s that bad I keep getting told I’m an encyclopaedia of useless sports trivia…….Yeahhh you might actually see evidence of that to be brutally honest.

I really see this as a real golden opportunity. A great platform for my career and the future to come. Whatever it maybe that I’m going to write about, whether it be discussing Rugby League or the upcoming raft in the NFL, I hope you will all enjoy it as much as I’m going to have writing it…….. Right then.



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